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Amazon Connector for Virtuemart 1.0
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Joomla Virtuemart Amazon Connector: Joomla Virtuemart Amazon Connector is another Virtuemart remarkable addon, as the name suggests it integrates your Amazon seller account with your Virtuemart store. With the help of this connector, you can import and export products from your Amazon account to Virtuemart store and vice-versa. Please Note: The Amazon Connector will work with Amazon Seller Central only.


  • Admin can create multiple Amazon accounts to Import/Export from each account separately.
  • Import your existing products from Amazon to VirtueMart.
  • Option to import by ASIN is provided. So that admin can import products which are not in his/her Amazon account.
  • Create new products on Amazon from your products in VirtueMart.
  • Option for search product on Amazon is provided in export products to match VirtueMart product to Amazon product while exporting the product.
  • Create variations from Amazon as child products in VirtueMart and option to assign generic child variant.
  • Separate view for Amazon reports is provided so that admin can check and process them anytime.
  • Separate view for Amazon Feeds is provided so that Admin can check the status of each feed submitted to Amazon.
  • Admin can check feeds( Status of feeds) and also result on feed detail page.
  • Option to update product on Amazon if changed in VirtueMart is provided.
  • An option to update product on Amazon when order placed in Virtuemart.
  • Admin has the option to either import all the products from a report or can choose products from report to import.
  • Admin can set up cron to perform a task such as Submit all pending feeds, Update feeds status, Update report status, delete obsolete data.
  • Import all the product images from Amazon to VirtueMart product.

Additional Features

  • Admin can generate all the missing SKUs in VirtueMart using Generate SKU tool.
  • An admin can delete all imported products in VirtueMart using Delete all Imported tool.
  • Admin can clear all Obsolete data such as delete listings/feeds/reports if an account is deleted.
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Amazon Connector for Virtuemart 1.0
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