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Advanced Virtuemart Invoices 4.1.4
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Order and Invoice Management has never stopped being a big concern of any business owner, especially online business. It’s difficult to keep track with a huge amount of order received continuously and create an appropriate invoice for every different order. Now using Advanced Invoices Extension for order management, the work has never become easier for you to evaluate your orders (using charts, maps, reports or various filters).

With three different tabs, users have full control of their orders and invoices management. Especially, every order or invoice can be freely customized and filtered.


  • Statistic Function
    In the clearest and most interesting expression way (by chart, table, maps or reports) that any piece of information is presented, you will easily see your order status, order geographic distribution, monthly revenue report or your best selling products.

  • New Order Generation in Admin Panel
    In Virtuemart Admin Panel, new order including all the order information can be created easily.

  • Search or Filter Orders
    Virtuemart orders can be easily managed by searching or filtering with many optional fields such as order time, order status, order ID, buyer email, buyer name, or invoice numbers.

  • PDF Invoices creation
    Just one click for Invoices IN BATCH of many orders

  • Customizing your Advanced Invoice Template
    It’s just about dragging and dropping whatever fields you want!


  • Managing orders
  • A good tool to evaluate sales
  • View statistic with chart, map…
  • Powerful filter and search function
  • Easily create invoice template
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Advanced Virtuemart Invoices 4.1.4
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