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E4J Boxoffice 1.6
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Boxoffice has been created for companies that organized events of any kind such us concerts, classes, tours, workshop, etc.
This template has been build with a fully responsive framework and it's adaptable to any device.
Boxoffice if fully compatible with our Vik Events component and all its functionalities.

The template does not include sample contents or quick start package. The template can be installed on any running Joomla website.
A documentation will tell you on which positions you should publish your modules, if you would like us to setup the modules for you, please visit and order the service from this link.

Reshape the way your website looks!

One template, different color variations.

Edit your business website color scheme as you like.
Customization is easy and quick, allowing you to change between a list of color palettes in a few clicks.
Choose and enjoy one of seven colours for your website.

Using the Less library you can also easily change the color variables and create your custom color palette.

Built your website with charming elements

With our templates we always provide fancy modules to increase your website charme, some examples for this template:

  • Our Vik Content Slider, it's an images slideshow for a better look of your Homepage.
  • A Google Maps module where you can show to your customers your locations with different nice layouts for your map.
  • You can easily show your staff or your artists with some information about them with our Speaker module.
  • A module that allows you to have a background image in some part of your website, for a cool and dynamic layout.

And much more..

Choose the font that matches your website

Make your website more beautiful with great typography with our collection of fonts.
You can choose from a list of Sans-Serif fonts which one match more your website.
Also you can easily choose your fonts dimensions, everything to create your website as you like.

Template Boxoffice and Vik Events

The Boxoffice template was built to fit with the Vik Events component's requirements.
Discover how the Vik Events pages have been displayed with all the graphic details customized for this template.

Check for example the Events list, Event details and Calendar page to have an idea of how your Events website will look like.
Choosing our templates for our extensions you'll be always sure to have a perfect layout for your website.

Give a nice touch to your website.

Clean & Dynamic menu

Boxoffice offers a clean menu design for your website.
The default menu design is simple and minimal for both the views, desktop and mobile and it switchs automatically.

In this way everyone will have always a perfect experience with any device they will look your website.

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